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About Goa Velha

Goa Velha is a developing city in Ilhas, Goa. The city is famous for St. Andrew's parish church. It is quite popular for its annual “March of Saints”. From a small town under Portuguese rule, Goa Velha has seen lot f development since independence. Today it enjoys presence of basic infrastructure required for the sustenance of local population.

Profile of Goa Velha

Geography of Goa Velha

Goa Velha is positioned at 15.444 degrees in North and 73.881 degrees in the East. The avg. elevation of the place is 20 feet or 6 m. The town is situated close to the Pilar village in IIhas in the district of North Goa.  Goa Velha is approximately 12 km from Panjim and just 17km from Vasco da Gama.

Demography of Goa Velha

According to the census of 2011, the population of the town was 4322. The avg. literacy rate of Goa Velha is 89.17 percent. The town supplies sewerage and water to more than 1055 households. The city is home to many communities. Konkani is the spoken in Goa Velha. Hindi and English are also spoken in  Goa Velha.

History of Goa Velha

The present day Goa Velha stands on the site of the ancient port of "Govapuri" or "Gopakapattana", which was founded by the Kadamba Dynasty in the 11th century on the banks of the Zuari River. At that time Govapuri served as one of the main ports for the rulers of both Kadamba Dynasty, and subsequently of the Vijayanagara Empire. During medieval period it came under the surzenity of  Adilshahs of Bijapur. With the advent of modern era, it was captured along-with other parts of Goa by the Portuguese who eventually called the old port of Govapuri "Goa Velha" (Portuguese for "Goa the Old"). Goa Velha continued to exist as a small town under Portuguese rule, and in 1961 was incorporated into India along with the rest of Goa.

Transport in Goa Velha

The nearest rail head to the town is Karmali Rlwy Station. However, the major rail head to the town is the Vasco da Gama Rlwy Stn which is just 16 kilometers away from Goa Velha.  Many state run and private buses ply in the region connecting Goa Velha with other parts of the state and also Maharashtra.

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